A new & innovative way of teaching reading

Beginners' Reading Scheme is a FREE ebook for anyone wanting to help a non-reader (or an ESOL) learn to read.

This free ebook uses the story of Jesus, from the Bible, to teach the 27-46 phonic sounds, introducing 442 very basic words essential to reading. However, anyone can use the book! It is meant for anyone, regardless of belief.

Download the Beginners' Reading Scheme eBook


The download is a PDF - 19MB

About Beginners' Reading Scheme the eBook

This book is for anyone wanting to help a non-reader learn to read. 

The Book using the story of Jesus as a base to aid learning to read. However, I am not interested in the labels people give themselves, e.g. "I'm a Christian" or "I'm not religious." This book is meant for anyone, regardless of religion or non-religion.

Generosity of time, kindness, courage, selflessness and gentleness rank highly with me, more than labels, more than even professional qualifications. This book is meant to provide you with the resources you need. I cannot provide the most essential ingredients though - patience and kindness towards the Learner, without which you will fail because the Learner will be too anxious/ scared/ lacking in motivation to be able to learn.

If you do not have a) the time to give or b) the right attitude, do not attempt to follow Beginners' Reading Scheme. Please examine yourself prior to starting, to check that you have about 5-10 minutes a day or so, and that you will promise yourself not to get angry with the Learner or show displeasure, or pressure the Learner, that you will stay positive and will give verbal credit to the Learner when it is due, and that you will try to make the learning experience engaging and fun.

Beginners' Reading Scheme is a new and different approach to Teaching Reading

  1. It is for any age of Learner.
  2. Very early on in Beginners' Reading Scheme, the schwa sound is introduced. This is often omitted from other reading schemes. In addition, two other very similar sounds to the schwa sound (the 'oo' sound in 'look' and 'book', and the short 'u' sound in 'come' and 'some') are introduced early on too. These are three very easily confused sounds and the Learner needs to be able to differentiate them at an early stage. This is often not dealt with in other reading schemes so early on, if at all.
  3. On the pre-pages, it guides dialogue between the Learner and Supporter, i.e. a more oral and auditory approach, rather than solely visual. It also incorporates kinesthetic learning. Differentiation of learning is made possible by choosing which parts of the pre-pages will be used with which Learners.
  4. It is a very comprehensive approach covering all the phonics and with 442 very basic words to learn in an ongoing narrative.
  5. The Supporter, as long as they are able to read and have the correct attitude and patience, does not need any prior training.
  6. The story of Jesus Christ's life is often little known now so it is also educating on the history of Christmas and Easter and the traditions of the Christian Church.

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